How to Choose the Best wheelchair?

Posted by Tigress Feathermoon💄 on November 2, 2022

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People are not “confined” to wheelchairs – in fact, they are liberated by them. A paralyzed person in a wheelchair can get around as fast as anyone else. Wheelchairs make it easier for people to work, shop or travel.

In some ways, wheelchairs are like bicycles: there are many designs and styles to choose from, including imported, lightweight, competition models and more.

A wheelchair is also like a pair of shoes, with different styles for different specific uses, such as tennis shoes or trail shoes. Shoes that don’t fit well won’t be comfortable to wear and therefore won’t function to their fullest potential.

Choosing the right wheelchair, especially for a first-time user, can be tricky. It never hurts to choose with an occupational therapist (OT) who is experienced in wheelchair therapy.

The first wheelchair people choose is because the insurance company is willing to pay for it. However, the second wheelchair is usually chosen because of its style, performance or other features. …How to Choose the Best wheelchair?